Best time of year to get waxed

The Opportune Time of Year to Get Waxed

It's winter. You may be thinking that since you won't be showing off as much skin during the colder season, there's no reason to be waxing. Well listen up, folks. Winter is the prime time to either begin or continue receiving wax treatments. If you want to achieve optimal, longer lasting results from waxing in the Spring and Summer months, start in the Winter! Think about it - there's no easier time of year to grow out your hair for waxing than when you're wearing jeans, pants, leggings and long sleeves. Take advantage of the situation the cold weather brings!

Benefits of Waxing During Winter

First, body hairs grow at different rates. By sticking to a regular waxing routine (and never shaving in between wax treatments), you are conditioning your body hairs to grow out at the same time. It will take several wax treatments to get all of your hair in the same growth phase. Waxing every 3-4 weeks or so will eventually allow all of your hair to grow in at the same time so you don’t have any new hairs appearing a few days later. This also eventually lengthens the time needed in between wax treatments. Hence, by waxing in the winter, you'll be primed for the smoothest results when summer arrives.

Plus, over time, hair grows back finer and softer after each waxing session. In some cases, hair may even stop growing in areas that are regularly waxed. This not only gives you the appearance of sparser hair when it's growing out in between sessions, but also means your waxing appointments will become progressively easier and more comfortable - win, win, win! The more you wax, the less pain you'll experience and the longer you'll be able to go without waxing in the future. By beginning a waxing routine in the winter, the process will be streamlined by the time spring and summer rolls around.

If you already started a waxing routine in the summer, then keeping it going through winter is essential! If you decide to regress to shaving during the winter, you could actually undo all of the wonderful progress you've made! Shaving disrupts the growth cycle, leading to quicker hair regrowth and the appearance of thicker hairs. Therefore, maintaining waxing during the winter months keeps you from having to retrain your hair growth cycle - a process that may take 2 to 3 months. When you stick to waxing all year long, you'll be prepared for the warmer months and when you unexpectedly need to show some skin!

Further, let's not forget about how soft and smooth your skin feels after waxing! Waxing doesn’t just remove your hair. It exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling healthy and refreshed. This exfoliation is particularly beneficial during the winter months, when the skin is prone to being more dry. I don't know about everyone else, but enjoying this amazing feeling all year long is reason enough for me to keep waxing! Once you establish a routine, you reap the rewards of having soft, smooth skin for longer periods of time and you won't have to be burdened by having to shave every couple of days. So.Worth.It!

Find an experienced professional who uses a high-quality wax (such as Cirepil or Epillyss) to get the best results. The professionals technique along with the type of wax they use partially dictates both the experience and the results you'll receive. A professional who has mastered their technique and uses one of the best waxes available will make the waxing process that much easier for you. Given these two factors, you can expect the waxing session to be more effective and efficient at removing your hair with the least amount of pain and redness possible. Hallelujah!

- Rachel

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