Cirepil Hard Wax Usage Guide

Cirepil Hard Wax Usage Guide

Welcome to a Happy Waxing experience for you and your clients using Cirepil's patented Hard Wax system! By incorporating a complete depilatory service, your customer will appreciate a more comfortable experience and be delighted with how soft and smooth their skin will feel after every wax.

For starters, keep your services professional and sanitary. For your protection and hygiene as well as your clients, always wear nitrile or vinyl gloves. Use a new pair for each client. Prepare your treatment table for each client with new linens and disposable table paper.

PREPARATION - Select your Cirepil Hard Wax

  • Pour wax beads into the 400g empty tin and place inside the Cirepil Happy Heater.
  • Set the dial between 4 & 5. Within 15-20 minutes, the wax should be the right temperature and the proper consistency - not fully liquid. A solid ball of wax should remain in the center.
  • Always test the temperature of wax on the inside of your wrist and your clients wrist to ensure client comfort.


Cleanse the area with Cirepil Blue Lotion Cleanser while examining the direction of hair growth. Condition and protect the skin with a very small amount (a drop or two on your glove) of Cirepil Pre-Depilatory Oil. Massage well into the area to be waxed. Blot away excess oil with a tissue if necessary.


  • Scoop an appropriate amount of wax onto the end of your disposable spatula (use a smaller amount for face and smaller areas while using a larger amount of wax for larger areas of the body).
  • Smooth the underside of the spatula against the tin and turn spatula several rotations (twirl the stick) to deter dripping and to keep the ball of wax on the end of the spatula (always dispose of each spatula after use and never double dip).
  • Deposit the entire amount of wax onto the skin, then using the edge of the spatula, spread the wax while applying firm pressure in the direction of hair growth. The narrow section of wax should be applied evenly with a ridge around the perimeter. For easy wax removal, allow the wax to set (harden), then hold the skin taut from the point where you'll be removing the wax (point of removal), gently lift the edge once and remove the wax horizontally and as close to the skin as possible in the opposite direction of hair growth. Body and room temperature may slow or speed the wax set-up process.
  • Note: Do not jerk the wax off the skin. There is no need to rush the removal of Cirepil Hard Waxes (or any wax for that matter). Use a smooth and steady movement - not too fast and not too slow.
  • Apply pressure (with a rolling press of your hand) to each area after the wax removal for maximum client comfort.


After waxing, we recommend cleansing the area again with antibacterial Blue Lotion Cleanser. Finish with a gentle massage using Cirepil After Wax Gel to calm, refresh and hydrate the skin for a truly satisfying treatment! Advise your client of the important dos and don’ts for at home aftercare.

Watch the video to learn more!

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