Best Cirepil Wax and Best Epillyss Wax

Why Beat Around the Bush?

While there's no substitute for having great technique, using a better wax helps to yield better results for your clients, which leads to better business for you.
There are many Wax Pros who've already determined their wax preferences that suit their needs and their clients. Some may already be using the waxes in this post, while others may have a different favorite wax. But for those of you who are still on the quest to finding that tried-and-true, go-to wax to use in your services, this one's for you. If you were to call us up and ask us for a Hard Wax recommendation, our first recommendation would be:
Cirepil Cristalline Hard WaxCirepil Cristalline Hard Wax - this wax will be suitable for any client with any hair type. Use this for your brows, lip, face, back, chest, bikini, brazilian, underarms and anywhere you prefer to use a hard wax.
  • It's easy to work with and isn't stringy
  • It doesn't break or crack when applied correctly
  • It can be spread thinner, yielding less product usage
  • It's low-temperature which is more comfortable for your client
  • It's less painful and more gentle on the skin
  • There's less redness after the wax
  • It's great at picking up fine hair on the face and strong enough to efficiently and effectively remove coarse, thick hair
  • It's Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-Free, Rosin-Free and Vegan

Truly, Cirepil has hit it out of the park with this one. We believe it's the most versatile choice.

How profitable is it?

Using a conservative estimate, let's say you perform 10 full Brazilians at $60 a pop per $38.80 bag of wax. That's about $3.88 for your wax cost per service. Let's estimate that you use about $1.75 of other supplies (sticks, pre/post wax products, wipes, etc) during the service. Assuming each Brazilian is a 30 minute service, that's roughly $543.70 (gross profit) for 5 hours of booked time - not including any tips!

If you want to further increase those profit margins, you can start by decreasing the cost per bag of wax. If it makes sense for your budget and business, buy 5 or more bags at a time to take advantage of our Volume Pricing (and possibly receive free shipping, too).

Now, for a Soft Wax, we'd recommend:

Epillyss Sensor Soft WaxEpillyss Sensor Soft Wax - this is by far our #1 Selling Soft Wax and for good reason. Use this wax for legs and full body (anywhere you prefer to use a soft wax).

  • It's efficient and effective - it does a fabulous job of getting all of the hair in the first pass
  • It's ideal for any hair type - from fine, short hair (as short as 1/8 of an inch) to coarse, thick, dense hair
  • Due to the low application temperature, it feels comfortable for your client
  • Using firm pressure and the edge of the spatula, it spreads thinly, which allows you to use less wax per treatment
  • It leaves little to no sticky "residue" on the skin - less cleanup!
  • It's less painful than many waxes on the market when removed
  • Clients experience less redness and any redness quickly subsides
  • It's gorgeous and smells delicious (from natural essential oils and fruit extracts in the wax). We love opening boxes of this stuff!

How profitable is it?

Using a conservative estimate, let's say you perform 10 full leg waxes at $70 a pop per 24 oz container of Epillyss Sensor at $24.50 each. That's about $2.45 for your wax cost per service. Let's estimate that you use about $2.00 of other supplies (sticks, pellon strips, pre/post products, wipes, etc) during the service. Assuming each full leg wax is a 30 minute service, that's roughly $655 (gross profit) for 5 hours of booked time - not including any tips!

Again, you can further increase this profit margin by decreasing the cost of wax by buying 5 or more cans of wax at a time. To help you save with our Volume Pricing, you can even "mix or match" the waxes (i.e. buy 3 bags of Cristalline and 2 containers of Sensor) to receive our 5+ Volume Discount. We make it easy for you - discounts are automatically applied in your cart!

In conclusion, you really can't go wrong when choosing a Cirepil Hard Wax or an Epillyss Soft Wax. Given good technique, they are all reliable in effectively removing hair in the most efficient way possible, in turn helping you provide the best wax service for your client. Combined with many other factors that affect client retention, utilizing the best waxes available is just one more way to ensure your clients keep coming back.

If it were our business and we had to stick to 2 wax choices (a Hard and a Soft), these are simply the 2 waxes we would choose for own wax business. Contact us today if we can help you with any further recommendations and we'll do our best to steer you in the right direction. Happy Waxing!

New From Cirepil

Fiorella Hard Wax

Fun Bright Pink Color is easy to see on the skin. Hypoallergenic, rosin-free, vegan formula. Spreads easily and thinnly! Use for thin to thick hair.

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