2017 Dermascope Wax Winners

We're Seeing Stars!

2017 Dermascope ACA Winners

Skin care professionals were asked to nominate and vote for their favorite professional products in all things beauty and skin care. We're excited to announce multiple winners and finalists in the Hair Removal and Supplies category.

Hair Removal: Best Hard Wax Winner

Cirepil by Perron Rigot Blue Beads Non-Strip Hard Wax. This original, patented, classic formula is a top-selling Hard Wax in the United States and for good reason. The fluid, gel-texture is easy to work with and the low-temperature is gentle on your client's skin. It's effectiveness and efficiency at comfortably removing hair makes your job easier and your clients happier!

Hair Removal: Best Soft Wax Winner

sensor waxEpillyss Sensor Soft Wax. Epillyss Sensor is our best-selling strip wax. What makes the Epillyss waxes unique is the Bioresin C3 process, whereby the pine resin is triple distilled to remove most of the oil from the wax. This results in a less sticky wax and a less painful waxing experience. As a result, clients experience less redness and reactions compared to many waxes on the market. And, of course, it's absolutely efficient at removing all of the hair (including very short hair) while leaving behind soft, smooth skin with no sticky residue. Lastly, it's easy to work with and ultra-comfortable for your clients.

Hair Removal: Finalist for Wax Pots

Cirepil by Perron Rigot Happy Heater. This cute little bugger is a reliable and economical choice for a standard size, thermostatically-controlled wax heater. It's perfect for keeping Cirepil Waxes at the proper consistency. The happy face decal is optional. :)

Hair Removal: Finalist for Hair Removal Accessory

Cirepil by Perron Rigot Wax Collars. These disposable Happy Waxing collars are great for protecting your wax warmer and help to keep stray wax from collecting on the warmer or spilling down in the chamber. They make cleanup a breeze!

Supplies: Best Disposables Winner

Epillyss Muslin Roll for Waxing. If you prefer muslin over pellon, the Epillyss Muslin (cotton) rolls for waxing are a high-quality choice! They have a great texture and are non-fraying. You don't have to worry about Epillyss Waxes bleeding through.

We are sincerely honored to win these 2017 awards and would like to extend a thank you to every professional who voted for Cirepil, Epillyss, and The Wax Connection. Thank you for your support!

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