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Cirepil Tattoo Wax Q&A

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Q: Why promote tattoo wax services?

A: 1 in 3 Americans between the age of 15 and 64 have a tattoo! You may have clients with tattoos or clients who are considering getting one. They likely haven't considered the benefits of waxing areas where they have tattoos or where they will be getting a tattoo. Attract new clients or provide your existing clients with tattoos a unique service to generate an increase in revenue for your Salon & Spa.

Q: Why wax before getting a tattoo?

A: Tattoo artists shave the area before tattooing. Hair begins to grow back within a day causing stubble and the skin may become itchy and uncomfortable. Waxing the skin before a tattoo gives the tattoo artist a smooth surface for the ink. As the tattoo heals, slower hair regrowth from waxing helps the process to be more comfortable. If the client is new to waxing, it'd be ideal for them to have several wax sessions performed prior to the tattoo service to ensure the skin has no reactions. Then, it's recommended to have the area waxed 3-4 days before the actual tattoo appointment.

Network with local Tattoo Artists to refer their clients to you for a pre-tattoo wax service. Likewise, you'll be able to refer your clients to the Tattoo Artist should they be considering getting a tattoo.

Q: What are the benefits of waxing before a tattoo?

A: Waxing exfoliates the skin while removing all hair from the root, giving the artist a fresh canvas to work with. Waxing saves time at the actual tattoo session, as the artist doesn't have to shave the hair. Hair doesn’t grow back for a couple of weeks giving the skin more time to heal after the tattoo without bothersome stubble.

Q: What are the benefits of waxing after a tattoo?

A: Exfoliation and hydration are two important steps in maintaining a tattoo. Cirepil Tattoo wax enriched with Coconut Oil gently exfoliates and hydrates the skin, which brightens dull tattoos. It's not going to brighten a new tattoo, as they're already fresh and bright. However, smooth, hair-free skin enhances the appearance of tattoos.

Note: Never wax over a tattoo until it is 100% completely healed.

Q: Recommendations for Pre Tattoo Waxing?

A: At a minimum, clients should have a test wax service one month prior to their pre-tattoo wax service. This test wax service will ensure the client has no reactions to getting waxed. The pre-tattoo wax service should take place 3-4 days prior to the tattoo appointment.

Q: How does this wax compare to other waxes?

A: Cirepil Tattoo Wax was created and designed to help you generate new clients by offering new services - you can think of it as a niche product to perform a niche service. But, it's not only for Tattoo Waxing! The purpose of the name of the wax, it's packaging, and the it's appearance, in part, is to help you attract potential and existing clients with tattoos who may not already be waxing. It can serve as a talking point - utilize the wax to help educate unaware clients.

Q: What makes tattoo wax exfoliating?

A: Waxing is a mechanical process of exfoliation. However, exfoliation alone does not ensure a brighter tattoo. This formula was clinically tested and proven in an independent laboratory to perform as a combination of exfoliation and hydration, making a tattoo brighter. Not all waxes help to hydrate the skin, which aids the brighter appearance of older, dull tattoos.

Q: Is this wax good for any wax service?

A: Yes, of course! Use it as a Tattoo Prep (removing hair prior to a Tattoo service), Tattoo Maintenance (brightening older/dull tattoos) or simply use it in your regular wax services. It's versatile! Cirepil Tattoo Wax can be used on all areas of the body with all hair types. It's creamy texture dries quickly and has great grip, making it effective at removing all hair - from thin to thick. It's great for use on clients with sensitive skin as well.

Q: What ingredient helps it hydrate?

A: Clinically proven Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil) provides hydrating results. Cirepil Tattoo Wax has been dermatologically tested and is great for use on sensitive skin.

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It's a super cool charcoal grey color. It has a supple creamy texture that's easy to apply and easy to remove. It remains supple and flexible once it sets (dries). It effectively and efficiently removes hair (from thin to thick), making it a highly versatile wax to use in your spa.

Holographic Pink

Fiorella Hard Wax

Get a hold of this easy-to-use, hypoallergenic, rosin-free, vegan hard wax. Spreads easily and thinly! Use for thin to thick hair.

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