Cirepil and Epillyss Wax by Perron Rigot

A Marriage Made in Wax Heaven

It's official - Cirepil & Epillyss have come together in holy wax matrimony! The leading wax for professionals in the US (as well as worldwide) has tied the knot with the #1 wax in Canada!

The Best of Both Worlds

As you may be aware, Perron Rigot France (manufacturer of Cirepil) acquired Esthétique sans Frontières (manufacturer of Epillyss) back in November 2015. Both the Épillyss and Cirépil brands will be distributed under the Trademark Perron Rigot. The joining of Épillyss and Cirépil under Perron Rigot offers industry leaders in both strip and non-strip wax categories. Therefore, our focus will be Épillyss by Perron Rigot for Strip (Soft) Waxes and Cirépil by Perron Rigot for Non-Strip (Hard) waxes.

What's Changed?

The Epillyss brand has been streamlined focusing on the most popular items:

Epillyss hard waxes are now discontinued.

Additionally, Epillyss Pre & Post products are being phased out and we will only carry the Cirepil by Perron Rigot Pre & Post solutions for use with both the Cirepil and Epillyss lines. 

Épillyss Soft Waxes will be available in both 20 and 24 oz size and the 16 oz is discontinued. The following Epillyss strip (soft) waxes & supplies will remain available (all others discontinued):

  • Cocooning 20 & 24 oz
  • Freelyss Cream 20 & 24 oz
  • Novatherm 20 & 24 oz
  • Millenia 20 & 24 oz
  • Sensor 20 & 24 oz
  • White Queen Cream 20 & 24 oz
  • Epillyss muslin (cotton) rolls in 3’’x50 or 3"x100 yards

If you are accustomed to the 16 oz size of Epillyss soft wax we suggest switching to the 24 oz size or invite you to try the Cirepil 14 oz Strip Waxes.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help you with additional questions or recommendations.

New From Cirepil

Fiorella Hard Wax

Fun Bright Pink Color is easy to see on the skin. Hypoallergenic, rosin-free, vegan formula. Spreads easily and thinnly! Use for thin to thick hair.

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